The MIT Museum Studio connects MIT undergraduate and graduate students with the unique learning opportunities of the MIT Museum. Students draw on the Museum’s rich resources—interpretive galleries, exhibition and interaction design, historical collections and visitor feedback—as they pursue original technology projects that advance the Museum’s multi-sensory learning environment. Interactions with visitors from across the campus and around the world help students develop the scope and strength of their communication skills. 

The Studio represents connections, between people and ideas and between art and technology.
— Zhe Huang AR ’12


The MIT Museum Studio offers courses within the Program in Science, Technology, and Society. Generally offered in the Spring semester, STS.035 Exhibiting Science fulfills the HASS-A requirement.

Photo: Kinetic artist Anne Lilly shows details of a sculpture to students.


Alongside the academic courses, students are encouraged to work on projects of their own design or in collaboration with the MIT Museum, other museums, or individual artists. 

Photo: A student working on a prototype.


The Compton Gallery, part of the MIT Museum Studio, is a display space where students can display work in progress as well as finished work. Student work can also be exhibited in the galleries of the MIT Museum.

Photo: Students and visitor at the opening of NetWork: MIT and the Internet.


Visit the MIT Museum Studio

Find us in room 10-150 under the Great Dome.